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The Goal & The Glory
















The Goal and the Glory: World-Class Athletes Share Their Inspiring Stories

Since the apostle Paul, athletic training and competition have inspired countless believers towards excellence in their faith. Now gain fight-the-good-fight insights from world-class Christian athletes---including past Olympic champions and current hopefuls! Compiled by 5-Time Olympic Medalist Josh Davis, this unique devotional features 60 meditations exploring dedication and sacrifice while practicing God's presence on the road to glory.

The Goal and the Glory: $15.00




Real Joy: Freedom to Be Your Best

Josh spent most of his swimming career meeting with a man name Dr. John Ashley Null. Josh agreed to teach Dr. Null everything he knew about sport; in return, Dr. Null agreed to teach Josh everything he knew about God. This book is a must for anyone looking for real joy in their sport.

"Some folks today think that spiritual matters are as compatible with sports as fire is with ice. Put fire and ice together, and they will destroy each other--the fire will turn the ice into water, and the water will then put out the fire. Put God and sports together, according to many coaches, and religious faith will destroy an athlete's competitive drive. Put God and sports together, according to many ministers, and athletic success will only teach the believer to think he is important instead of God. The truth is, God and sports not only can go together, they need to go together. Only developing the spirit and the body together can bring out the best in each."

Real Joy, Freedom to be Your Best:   $20 (Includes Shipping & Handling)


Remember Your Favorite Christmas?

The stories and anecdotes from contributors like former President Jimmy Carter, musicians Billy Ray Cyrus, Steven Curtis Chapman, Nicole C. Mullen, Natalie Grant; Olympic Gold Medalist’s Josh Davis & Derek Parra; Actresses Nancy Stafford from Matlock fame & Catherine Hicks from 7th Heaven fame; authors’ Jerry Jenkins from the best-selling Left Behind® series, Dr. John Townsend; NFL player Kurt Warner & Tarik Glenn, WNBA Player Charlotte Smith, and many others—will be a Yule time pleasure for readers. Amidst the rush and hustle of the season, My Favorite Christmas inspires us with down-to-earth and heavenly heartwarming stories from favorite celebrities—and helps us reflect on our own cherished holiday moments.

In honor of the holiday season they are providing full royalties of My Favorite Christmas to Feed the Children, a Christian charitable relief organization, hoping to make this holiday a favorite of someone else for years to come.